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No Country for Old Torahs pt. 2

A concept drawing by Kay Nielsen for The Little Mermaid

Another attempt at the new salesmanship technique Lisa is trying to teach me. Now I think of the used bookstore as a place of knowledge and learning where revolutionary ideas are born. I thought there is no reason I can’t combine the two.

A five year old little girl came into the shop a couple of days ago:

Me: What kind of books do you like?

Her: Do you have any books about princesses?

Me: You don't have to conform to the role a patriarchal society has forced on you. You can be anything you want, an explorer, a scientist, a ship’s captain or a pirate, a revolutionary woman who changes the world. I have several books in this area I can recommend.

Her: (after a moment of silence) Oh, well do you have anything about mermaids?

Me: (sigh) Sure right over here.

Strike Two!

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1 Kommentar

27. Juni 2021

I love your effort here. Maybe for the little girl being a mermaid would be revolutionary!

Pat 😊

Gefällt mir
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